Full Stack Fest

Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona
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Building highly scalable web apps with Go

Francesc Campoy

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Duration: 4 hours

During this workshop you will build a web application from scratch using Go to build the backend and some HTML, CSS, JS on the frontend, of course.

You will gets a hands on experience implementing REST APIs with and without any frameworks. We will also use the built-in concurrency features of Go to make the app faster.

We will also add features to the app using some of the services available on App Engine:

  • list text here- datastore to store data in a non relational database
  • memcache to cache and access data faster
  • task queues to schedule tasks to be executed later
  • mail to send and receive emails

The app will then be deployed on top of Google App Engine, which provides a free tier, so attendees will go through the whole process from inception of an app to deployment and monitoring.