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Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona
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Typeform I/O

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The challenge

Create an MVP using Typeform I/O and other APIs (such as Twilio, Stripe, Twitter, Google Apps, Slack etc.) that collects data in smart, useful and creative ways.

What is Typeform I/O?

Typeform I/O is an API for building dynamic typeforms bringing a whole new level of automation to data collection.


Of course, divided in three categories:

  • Best by judges (voted by contest judges): 1,200.00 € cash prize.
  • Best I/O Hack (voted by the participants): 600.00 € cash prize.
  • Best by popularity (voted by the participants): 600.00 € cash prize.


  • Team size: 1 - 3. You can participate in a team or on your own, and we’ll find a team for you if you don’t have one.
  • Use Typeform I/O.
  • No restrictions on using other public APIs.
  • Host your code on GitHub.
  • Present your MVP (maximum 3 minutes + 2 minutes of questions).


  • Introductory workshop: 9am to 9:30am
  • Hackathon: 9:30am to 10pm
  • Presentations: 10pm to 12am

Ideas & Suggestions

  • Voiceform: Create a typeform using voice.
  • Scrappy: A form scraper that converts any form into a Typeform.
  • SlackForm: Create forms from using something like /form “yes_no”ı”Are you Victor?” that links and presents the results in a Slack channel.
  • HowAreYou: Application to send you a personalized form everyday, asking questions and showing inspirational quotes based on your location.
  • Hello World: A program to learn new coding skills through asking questions that increase in complexity based on previous answers.
  • Typeformizer: An automatic A/B optimizer for forms. This would adapt a form, analyze the results and then ask more relevant questions (by changing the order of questions, simplifying the language of the questions, etc.) to improve completion rates.
  • Childform: A builder that uses different devices (like a webcam or an Arduino) that makes typeform creation fun.