Full Stack Fest

Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona
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Power up your development with RubyMine/WebStorm

Ekaterina Prigara


Tatiana Vasilyeva

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Have you ever thought about all the small development tricks and habits that lie at the root of your productivity? Maybe tried to find new ones? IDEs like RubyMine or WebStorm help developers be more productive while coding, albeit requiring an initial investment to get used to the new tool, customize your environment, and learn the shortcuts.

This workshop will show you how to achieve a streamlined development workflow in RubyMine and WebStorm. We’re going to create a simple web app from scratch using Ruby, Rails and JavaScript so you can try handy IDE features like coding assistance, refactorings and integration with development tools on the fly. No matter what code editor you use, join us on this journey to productivity – whether to give these IDEs a first try or to learn new productivity features.