Full Stack Fest

Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona
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Rallyscript: IoT, Node and Raspberries.

Leif Terje Fonnes


Lars Søraas

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Duration: 4 hours

IoT is a rapidly developing area that is peaking the first wave of the Gartner hype-curve with an expected high impact on the industry.

The workshop aims at exploring seamless integration of the tangible world and the semantic web in near-realtime using common web technologies and COTS components. Our goal is to provide insight into the area, and trigger discussions and ideas on the possibilities of IoT, and IoT wrapped in web semantics.

During the workshop, participants will build software to monitor and control a vehicle that navigates a simple maze, and publish results live on the web. We will use Javascript and Node for web and AI, and MQTT over BLE for communication with the vehicle. Vehicle sensors and actuators are interfaced by RaspberryPi.