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Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona

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Backend Software Engineer

Our work

We’re building a simple, intuitive system on top of Europe’s broken payments infrastructure. Thousands of merchants already rely on us to collect millions of pounds every day.

As an engineering team working in payments, we have to work differently:

  • Consistency can’t be sacrificed. Wonky data is not an option.
  • Availability matters. If we go down, thousands of companies are left unable to do business.

At the same time, our business is growing at over 700% a year. We’re ambitious, and we constantly experiment and iterate to drive that growth:

  • Working with government and multinational customers to build the next generation of our product.
  • Integrating with new banking systems to expand our offering across Europe.
  • Automating everything from fraud detection to legacy (paper-based) interactions with the banks.

Our culture

Payments is a scale business with huge returns to great engineering. We have a culture where you can do work that you’re proud of every day.

We’re building a huge company, so we invest time in building things well. We keep our technical debt low by regularly refactoring and improving our architecture. We know how important it is to be able to move fast in the future as well as right now.

Despite the scale of our work, we’re a small and friendly team with strong shared values. We get on well and enjoy spending time together, whether working in the office, chatting over lunch or out for drinks after work. We’re passionate about learning, and we all care deeply about the quality of what we build. We regularly run internal tech talks given by both GoCardless employees and industry experts, and we pay for courses & books.

Many of our team are active members of the wider tech community. We open source whatever we can, as we did with Hutch and Statesman, and we regularly host events and meetups in our offices. We have a conference budget for everyone on the team and can help with speaker coaching if you’re interested.

Our stack

We have to stay nimble while delivering mission-critical code. To do so we constantly prioritise keeping both our stack and our codebase lean.

We build simple, reliable systems on top of technologies we understand and trust. We’re primarily built in Ruby and JavaScript using Rails and Angular, and we rely on Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and Chef.

We deploy many times a day, supported by a test suite we trust and a culture of code review.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for backend software engineers to join our growing team. We’d particularly love you to apply if:

  • You’re passionate about technology and care deeply about doing work that you are proud of.
  • You have opinions about programming languages and experience building applications for the web.
  • You have an awareness of the full web stack. You understand the details of HTTP, feel comfortable optimising SQL queries, and have experimented with JavaScript.
  • You believe that code must be well-tested, and that tests are a helpful tool in driving design.

In your application, please include your CV and a link to your GitHub, as well as telling us about an interesting technical project or problem that you’ve recently worked on.

How to apply

Applicants should apply via https://gocardless.com/about/jobs/