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Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona

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Product Engineer

Build and design high-quality products you can take pride in.

We’re shaping the way businesses get paid. Our products have drawn thousands of businesses to rely on us to take care of their payments – from sole traders to large and multinational companies like the UK Government, Box & TripAdvisor. We pride ourselves on uncluttered interfaces that give our users the power and control they need to manage their payments.

Right now, we’re reimagining how enterprise software should work and look. To do this, we’re looking for engineers that are strongly user-focussed and care as much about figuring out which features to build as the technical implementation.

The role

You’ll build the products and features that our users see and interact with. By continually improving the experience of existing products, you’ll strengthen our reputation of having the best platform for controlling payments.

You will figure out what our users really need, add new features into existing products, and create entirely new products. You’ll own your work from inception to release.

You could be working on anything from our API & docs to user dashboards to internal admin tooling. You’ll work closely with both our design team and our back-end engineers, as well as other internal teams like sales and customer support.

Our work

We build simple, reliable products on top of technologies we understand and trust. We’re upgrading to Angular 2.0 for our dashboards, and we’re open to using new technologies when they are the best tool for the task – for example, we’re just starting to use React where server rendering is needed. We continuously deploy all front-end projects backed by a test-suite we can rely on, and we prioritise code review and constant iteration.

Enterprise software comprises a huge range of product requirements in one codebase. To make sure that our codebase is something the whole team is proud of, we take the time to really understand how something should be used before building it, and we keep our code clean.

What we’ve done recently:

If you joined today, you’d work on:

  • Auto generating API client libraries using a custom toolchain based on JSON-Schema.
  • Statically generating our marketing splash pages in different languages using React.
  • Building internal admin and fraud tooling to augment our user dashboards.

Our culture

We’ve built a friendly, collaborative culture, where we hire and develop ambitious people that share our desire to do work we can be proud of. We value learning and feedback, and are committed to encouraging and supporting each other’s continual professional growth.

Many of our team are active members of the wider tech community. We open source great work that we want to share, as we did with our AngularJS style guide and HTTP API Design Guidelines, and we often host meet-ups and hack days in our offices. We regularly run internal tech talks given by both GoCardless employees and other industry experts, and we pay for courses and books. We have a conference budget for everyone on the team and can help with speaker coaching if you’re interested.

The ideal candidate

  • You take pride in building products that are valuable to users.
  • You have some experience building applications for the web.
  • You love working in JavaScript.
  • You have an awareness of the full web stack. You understand the details of HTTP, and feel comfortable implementing API endpoints.
  • You believe that code must be well-tested, and that tests are a helpful tool in driving design.

In your application, please include your CV and a link to your GitHub, as well as telling us about an interesting technical project or problem that you’ve recently worked on.

How to apply

Applicants should apply via https://gocardless.com/about/jobs/