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Sept. 1–5 2015, Barcelona

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Software Engineer (Product)

Would you like to work on a product that truly changes the way customers and businesses communicate with one another? Our product is used every day by thousands of businesses to speak directly to millions of customers. We’re hiring engineers and designers to join our product team based in Dublin, Ireland, and we’re more than happy to relocate you here.

Our product teams are multidisciplinary with design, frontend and backend engineering combined. While specialisation is important, we discourage pigeonholing. Our most effective people work across design and implementation, making the right technology decisions to build the best product.

One of our senior engineers joining from a major PaaS provider described his experience as “Before, I saw customers through a very large telescope. Now I’m right beside them.” We love the satisfaction of hearing how happy our customers are with what we build for them. Not only are they passionate about Intercom but they believe in our mission to make web business personal and love using our product to be personal with their customers. We use Intercom to talk with them too.

We work to maintain a healthy balance of strong senior engineers and smart junior engineers eager to develop their skills. We believe Intercom is a place to come and deliver career-defining achievements.

As an engineer you will:

  • Contribute to our roadmaps and influence their direction. This is more than a technical role, you’ll be a creative product and technical contributor.
  • Contribute to our technical architecture as we grow. We scale to service requests from all our customers’ customers. We’re growing and so are they.
  • Care about agility as much you care for scalability and availability. Continuous deployment keeps us focused on incremental releases. Even our biggest technical achievements roll out piece by piece, feature flagged out of sight. Projects are kept short and tightly scoped. Teams build a weekly cadence of releases.
  • Ship a change to production on your first day and a significant public release in your first week. That “day one” change is automatically deployed to production along with 80 other deployments (on average) each weekday.
  • Be proud of what you work on, obsess about the quality of the work you produce. Join us to do the best work of your career.
  • Have regular opportunity and support for career growth. We are constantly growing and forming new teams. For those who are motivated to lead, we hugely bias internal promotions to Engineering Lead and Engineering Director roles.


We don’t need you to be familiar with any of these technologies to work with us. Great people are effective and learn what we use quickly (or introduce us to better ways of working).

Here’s what to expect when you apply.


The core Intercom product is a Ruby on Rails application with an Ember.js frontend. We use MySQL and MongoDB for most of our storage, though we’re starting to migrate to other services like Amazon’s DynamoDB.

We’re actively moving to a service-oriented architecture, with new components built using the most appropriate technology. So far that’s largely been in Java on Dropwizard, and recently using go.

Our iOS application and SDK are developed in Objective-C, while our Android application and SDK are Java. The web integration our customers use is built on Backbone.js. We have API and integration clients for Ruby, Java and PHP with Go and Node.js coming soon (Python and Perl are community supported at the moment).

Our infrastructure runs entirely within Amazon Web Services and we make use of many of their services (DynamoDB, SQS, etc.) We like to buy the best tools and services where available but will build our own when we need to – we use an in-house continuous deployment service and built our own lightweight project management tooling.


We’re a pretty well treated bunch with a great list of benefits. We try keep our office open to friends and family – there’s always enough to go around at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We organise family events around Halloween and Christmas, where everyone’s invited. We’re making the most of our St. Stephen’s Green location by hosting community events in the evenings (let us know if your meet-up needs a space).

We don’t skimp on hardware or any of the tools you need to do your job well. Easy access to AWS infrastructure and services for prototyping and development too.

We also offer generous relocation assistance for people joining us from overseas.

How to apply